Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Eating Disorders Information for Middle School Personnel

Author/Editor: US Department of Health and Human Services (Click on Author/Editor links to find additional resources by this author/editor.)

Document ThumbnailDocument Name: Eating Disorders Information for Middle School Personnel

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Length: 24 pages

Description: The materials in this BodyWise Information Packet on Eating Disorders for Middle School Personnel were developed by health communications specialists in partnership with researchers, clinicians, and educators committed to increasing awareness about eating disorders. In addition, school personnel provided input into the development of these materials by participating in focus group meetings conducted by OWH in ethnically and geographically diverse regions of the country.

The BodyWise packet features information specifically directed to adults working with students in grades five, six, and seven. It addresses the signs and symptoms of eating disorders, steps to take when concerned about students, and ways to create a school environment that discourages disordered eating.

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