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A Volcano In My Tummy: Helping Children to Handle Anger

Authors/Editors: Eliane Whitehouse, Warwick Pudney (Click on Authors/Editors links to find additional resources by these authors/editors.)

Type of Resource: Workbook

Year Published: 1996

Length: 80 pages

Description: Children often have problems with anger. Teachers and parents often have problems with anger. Why? Because we're afraid of anger. It may mean that someone is out of control. It may meant that someone won't like us. It may mean that someone acts violently.
A Volcano in My Tummy is about helping 6 to 15 year olds handle their anger so that they can live successfully, healthily, happily and nonviolently, with motivation, without fear and with good relationships. An accessible resource book for teachers, parents and all who care for children, it is full of stories, and easy-to-use games and exercises designed to encoiurage children to see their anger and to deal constructivelty with it.
A Volcano in My Tummy includes sections on key concepts, building a child's self-esteem, what adults can do when a child is angry, developing an anger management program, troubleshooting, and a special section for teachers that integrates the resource with other curriculum areas. Exercises are clearly described, indicating appropriate age levels, teaching strategies, materials and procedures to follow, with worksheets for the childrens' use. All are easily adaptable for use by teachers, parents or other caregivers.

ISBN/ASIN: 0-86571-349-9

Availability: This resource is currently unavailable for loan through the Center for Schools and Communities library.

Library ID Code: SS 5573

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